Cast & Crew

Production Crew

JijiColony is written and directed by Tagg West of Stormbound (who also shot, edited, and did almost everything else).

Special thanks go to Nichlas Mikkelsen for his excellent work on our vehicle production design, which will be unveiled in future seasons.

Cast for Season One

JijiColony Season One is still in active production so not all roles have been cast yet.

Nova Riley
Nova Riley (Alexa Moffo)

Colonist 1014
Hydroponics Engineer

All she really wants to do is enjoy a peaceful life growing vegetables for the colony, but destiny seems to have other plans for her.

Porter Stuckey
Porter Stuckey (Kale Klein)

Colonist 2093
Analytical Chemist

His rough childhood on Mars turned him into an unflappable problem solver prepared to deal with just about anything.

Raul Malvilla
Raul Malvilla (Sean Dillingham)

Colonist 0877
Minister of Sanitation

Tasked with ensuring the health and safety of the colonists, he's driven nearly to the breaking point by their constant unsanitary behavior.

Sharif Sangrasi
Sharif Sangrasi (Umar Saleem)

Colonist 3111
Colony News Reporter

Sharif is a news anchor with the Ministry of Communication, reporting on daily news within the colony.

Omar al-Balawi
Omar al-Balawi (Adam Russell)

Colonist 3467
Operations Analyst

Omar is an analyst with the Ministry of Operations, putting him in a position to help Porter with a favor.

Li Zong-Wei
Li Zong-Wei (Jim Liu) [voiceover only]

Colonist 4429

Zong Wei is Porter's perpetually off-screen roommate who tries (but fails) to keep him out of trouble.