Production Overview

Let's be honest: JijiColony is a low-budget production. Really low budget.

We're not ashamed of that! We're proud of it. Creativity comes from embracing constraints...and we definitely have constraints!

However, we're not letting budget be an excluse for poor production values. We're making the best of what we've got, and working hard to deliver the best quality work we can with the resources we have available.

"Straight to Camera" Format

To make the most of a tight budget, we opted to film the first season almost entirely as video journals from colonists. This season is basically a proof of concept that introduces us to the characters and world.

This decision us to do the majority of the work in a green screen studio rather than having to build extensive sets or somehow finding existing sets we could rent.

Additionally, the straight-to-camera, "vlog" style delivery creates a rare opportunity to connect with the audience in a way typically not possible with traditional storytelling techniques. In this format, the characters look you in the eye and tell you what happened from their perspective. It's an intimate and interesting format for science fiction stories, and it provides a fresh perspective that can help make this show stand out from others.

Future Evolution

Starting probably in season 3, we're going mix things up and switch to more of a live action production format, using more co-located actors interacting live, and filming using green screens plus motion tracking. (There's also the possibility of using LED volumes for virtual production, but that's probably going to be cost prohibitive, so we're expecting to lean on tracked green screens instead.)

One famous example of this green screen approach is Ian Hubert's remarkable Dynamo Dream, which was filmed almost entirely with green screens.This illustrates how much is possible with studio green screens and relatively low budgets, and it's the proof of concept for the direction we're going to take JijiColony's production over time.

We're already conducting experiments into this approach, as this has always been the eventual format we wanted to end up with.