Stories of Life Without Earth

JijiColony explores what happens when 5,000 people build a new life for themselves with no help or communication from Earth.

Sounds simple at first, but big questions come up:

These kinds of questions—none of which has an easy answer—are the core of JijiColony's stories.

The Human Side of Science Fiction

JijiColony aims to be simultaneously epic and intimate, zooming out to show the colossal scale of the heroic endeavor these interstellar settlers are undertaking and then zooming in to show the personal, emotional toll it takes on individuals.

Science fiction sometimes has a reputation for being about abstract scientific or technological things—ships, robots, devices, lasers, etc.—but the best science fiction has used science as a lens to better understand characters, and through those characters to better understand humanity.

We're taking the same basic approach with JijiColony. We take science seriously but treat it as a tool, believing it's an individual character's psychological journey that really matter most in the end.

Creative Inspiration

These are some of the shows that inspired us. If you enjoy them, you'll probably like JijiColony!

The Expanse

The Expanse for its character-driven plotlines, emotional intensity, large-scale political intrigue, and foundation of hard science

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica for its bold exploration of big ideas, including politics, religion, and the meaning of humanity


Firefly for its charismatic characters and unique way of sneaking into serious issues with a lighthearted approach

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf for its endless humor and creativity despite an incredibly constrained premise (being a show about the last surviving human)

Season Storylines

Season One: The Will to Live
(In Production | Launching Late 2022)

While being recruited to to help colonize a distant planet, hydroponics engineer Nova Riley imagined a life of heroic adventure, exploration, and agricultural science. One month after launch, though, reality is setting in. She's realizing that life in space is a moment-to-moment struggle to stay alive. This is made crystal clear when one vegetable crop after another mysteriously fails and she faces the prospect of watching hundreds of her fellow crewmates slowly starve to death. She'll will do whatever it takes to solve this unexplained phenomenon—and the cause turns out to be more disturbing than she could have imagined.

Future Seasons
(Season Two Production Begins Q1 2023)

Future seasons will explore:

And that’s all before they even get to their destination. There’s literally a whole new world of stories to be found once they arrive!