Sci-fi series about life on an interstellar colony ship

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The Story

Crops are mysteriously dying aboard a colony ship during its one-way voyage to settle a distant planet, and one hydroponics engineer is determined to discover what’s happening before it’s too late to save the colony. The real answer turns out to be even worse than she could have imagined.

The Mikkelsen-Class Colony Ship

The Huangdi, one of five identical Mikkelsen-class colony ships in the JijiColony fleet, which were designed specifically for the needs of this mission. Each ship holds around 1,000 colonists, along with supplies, equipment, and resources to help them survive the 2.5-year voyage—and to establish a successful colony on Jijivisha when they arrive.

Shows that Inspired JijiColony

The Expanse

The Expanse for its character-driven plotlines, emotional intensity, large-scale political intrigue, and foundation of hard science

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica for its bold exploration of big ideas, including politics, religion, and the meaning of humanity


Firefly for its charismatic characters and unique way of sneaking into serious issues with a lighthearted approach

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf for its endless humor and creativity despite an incredibly constrained premise (being a show about the last surviving human)


Alexa Moffo as Nova Riley

Kale Klein as Porter Stuckey

Sean Dillingham as Raul Malvilla

Andrew DeCarlo as Kodiak Pushkin

Lisa Barnes as Larissa Pavlova

Ksjusha Povod as Lynne French

Zane Hampton as Boris Kuzmin

Umar Saleem as Sharif Sangrasi

Adam Russell as Omar al-Balawi

Jim Liu as Li Zong-Wei

Writer/Director Tagg West

Tagg West has been a professional writer for two decades, with skills refined in the brutal arena of marketing and advertising, where poetry matters and brevity is everything. Prior to that, he developed a keen sense of wordcraft, detail, and accuracy as a technical writer for several technology companies. He believes that great writing is both epic and intimate, and he strives to deliver fast-paced adventure without sacrificing well-rounded characters.

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