A New Sci-Fi Web Series About Life Without Earth

You left Earth to settle a new planet.

Five colony ships. Five thousand people.

Nobody’s going to send help.

You can never go back.

All you can do is keep going.

Find Out First When Season 1 Launches

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JijiColony is an independent sci-fi web series (currently in production) that tells the stories of five colony ships leaving earth on a one-way journey to settle a faraway planet as a backup of humanity—if they can get there without killing each other first.

Cast & Crew

Meet the colonists of JijiColony, as well as the production crew making their stories come to life.

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Story Details

Read about the premise and main story arcs of JijiColony, covering the show's first few seasons.

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Production Details

Learn about the JijiColony production, including backstory, ship design, shooting details, and more.

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